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With And For

Tall Poppy Press 07

Title: With And For

Artist: Sophie Schwartz & Rochelle Marie Adam

Published: 2023



Designed by Matt Dunne and Sophie Schwartz


Singer Sewn

68 pages

Foil stamped cover

Printed in Australia

500 copies

With And For (Tall Poppy Press, 2023) is a collaboration between Rochelle Marie Adam and Sophie Schwartz. Drawing on years of their back catalogues, this book was an opportunity to collaborate and make something new from existing photographs. The resulting book very much is more than the sum of its parts.


Equally warm and weird, the photos stray away from just romance, moving to a more nuanced and holistic view. Generous, present and vulnerable – the photographs in this book are about standing next to, not in front of, the people one photographs: something each artist does exceptionally well.


Photographs are left unauthored, deliberately blurring the lines between two artists. A joint effort, the book is really about the similarities in approach of the photographers, and allowing the photographs to lead, not the artist.

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