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Site Specific

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Title: Site Specific

Artist: Matt Dunne & Callum Beaney

Published: 2023



172 pages

Soft cover dust jacket cover that folds out into a poster


Design by Rebecca McCauley

Site Specific is a book that explores the ways photography can be exhibited. Casting a wide net, with 58 exhibitions featured, a range of exhibiting processes and styles are covered.

Co-authored by Matt Dunne and Callum Beaney, the book highlights methods as diverse as using post-it-notes as a medium to collage to traditional framing.

This book is a reference book for artists looking to exhibit, it's an anthology for those wanting to explore exhibiting practice, a visual encyclopedia, image heavy and text light it is a record of some of the most wonderful photography exhibitions that probably didn't make it to your home town.


Artists included:

Aleix Plademunt, Alexander Mourant, Anne Erhard, Anne Immelé, Annie Wang, Arif Furqan, Atong Atem, Brett Davis
Chan Wai Kwong, Charlie Engman, Colby Deal & Juan Fuentes, Colette Fu, Constanza Valderrama, David Zheng
Dayanita Singh, Elena Damiani, Elle Pérez, Erika Meda, Felix Wilson, Geraldine Kang, Goo Gijeong, Guanyu Xu, Guillaume Simoneau, Guilia Parlato, Hanqing & Mona, Heikki Kaski
Hiroko Komatsu, Jo Dennis, Kate Robertson, Luis Antonio Santos, Maket/Days in the Sun, Marisol Mendez, Naoyuki Hata
Noah Kalina, Peter Puklus, Punk Dragon, Rebecca Najdowski & Vivian Cooper Smith, Rory Gillen, Rosie Marie Cromwell
Ruth Maddison, Ryan J Gander, Ryan L Moule, Seiichi Furuya
Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo, Shuhei Yamada, Shyue Woon
Spaces Corners, Stephan Keppel & Benjamin Jones, Sybren Vanoverberghe, Taisuke Koyama & Takashi Kawashima, Theo Elias, Trent Parke, Vincent Delbroucke, Wolfgang Buttress, Woong Soak Teng, Xiaoyi Chen, Ying Ang

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