1. Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere. Though COVID slows things down, we'll still ship to wherever you are.

2. Can I pick up for free?

Hey if you can get to Carlton hell yeah, otherwise let's stick with shipping.

3. I ordered last night but there's no shipping confirmation yet, what gives?

TPP is a one man operation, I ship everything in batches once a week, or twice a week if I get the chance. As it stands I work full time in Education, so I'm sorry there's a short delay, but I will definitely ship your book ASAP.

4. Are you looking to publish more work?

In short yes, but probably not for a while, there are a few things in the works and I'm not looking to release lots and lots of books each year. That being said I love chatting so sing out if you've got something you'd like to share.

5. Who is Tall Poppy Press?

Hi, it's me, Matt Dunne. I'm an artist and now publisher, I live in Melbourne and have written a lot about photos for a long time. I also make my own work and work full time. You can find me at basically any photo event in Melbourne, feel free to say hi, I love chatting but don't always make the first move.

6. Why are you doing this?

I want to see more great stuff from Australia make its way into a book that's well made, attended to and looked after. I'm looking to keep building community and delve further into supporting my peers and those I admire. I want more Aussies to have more opportunities.

7. I have a question or need help

Please email me ASAP: tallpoppypress@gmail.com - I will help you :)

8. Dude, why isn't my book wrapped in plastic/covered in bubble wrap

Fuck man, we print books, gotta draw the environmental wastage line somewhere.