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Edition of 750

88 pages
20,6 x 27 cm


The Killing Sink is the first monograph from Matthew Dunne. Published by VOID, it is part public grief and part true crime, an investigation into the killing of Wedge-Tailed Eagles in Victoria, Australia.



The backstory:

In 2017, a man called the Police and reported that he had murdered more than 400 eagles over the previous two years, all at the instruction of his boss. Meticulously recorded, the ongoing investigation uncovered tremendous destruction of life in a far-flung corner of Australia's South-East. Far from isolated, this crime is one often repeated throughout the country where people trap, shoot, poison and kill eagles, The vast distances hiding their actions from prying eyes. Matt Dunne has been following these crimes, visiting the sites where Eagles have been killed. Tracing the psychology, tools, history and animal victims in work that is part true crime and part public grieving. It shows the continuation of much of Australia's worst history: destruction of native species in service of agricultural interests. The book ultimately asks 'what have we traded? How could it possibly be worth it?'

The Killing Sink

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